What is Steam Guard? What is its function?

Steam Guard is a more advanced protection to Steam accounts. The first level of protection to Steam accounts is your login credentials: your Steam ID and password. Through Steam Guard, the second level of protection can apply to your account, in favor of strengthening protection from bad guys. When Steam Guard is launched, every one try to log in your account on a computer unauthorized ever, needs to provide extra authorization information. When they log in, your mailbox will receive an email including special verification code and only this code can authorize your account to login in different computers. When you verify your email address, restart Steam for two times and your Steam Guard is launched. Once launched, when you log in Steam on unauthorized computers, you needs to visit your mailbox or App to get the special verification code.


If I do not launch Steam Guard, will there be any effect?

1.       If you do not launch Steam Guard for more than 7 days, you will be unable to deposit your items from Steam inventory to C5GAME inventory.

2.       If you do not launch Steam Guard for more than 7 days, items which are traded to other Steam accounts from yours will be pending. Although these items will be traded to others successfully after 24 hours, but during that time, they do not exist in your inventory and are kept by Steam.


How to know whether I have launched Steam Guard for more than 7 days and the function of trade confirmation is not closed?

Choose one of your friends and post offers to him. If system prompts you like following pictures show, it means your account doe not meet conditions. Please wait patiently.


Here are steps to open Steam Guard below:

We take IOS for example, to introduce steps to launch Steam Guard, similar in Android.


1.       Firstly enter into App Store, download Steam Mobile freely


2.       Open the app and log in your own Steam account. Click “Steam Guard” of menu on the left side.


3.       Click “Settings”


4.       Usually the default accounts there are second types: “through emails to get verification codes”. Now you need to change it into first option: “get verification codes from my mobile phone”.


5.       After that, you need to get verification codes on App every time you log in Steam.


6.       Input the verification code sent by system in a message, click “Submit” and Steam Guard is launched successfully.


7.       When Steam Guard is launched, you will received an email in your mailbox bound with Steam.


8.       Every time you log in PC version of Steam, the system requires you to input your Steam Guard verification code.


9.       Open Steam App, select Steam Guard and you can get current verification code.


Until now, Steam Guard is launched perfectly.