1.How to withdraw?

Enter into profile, click “Withdraw”, input your PayPal account. The system will verify your account by sending a message including a verification code. Once verified successfully, withdrawal is done.


2. What is locking the amount of money?

If you post a purchase, that part amount of money is locked temporarily. Also, in the operation of withdrawing, the part amount you want to withdraw is locked, until the process finishes successfully.


3.How to add items to sell?

Select the items you want to sell in your inventory, then click the “open sell” button and items will be sold on the whole website.


4.What is quick pricing?

To make users convenient, we have set a sliding pricing. The slider moves from left to right, and the pricing goes high to low. PS: more close to left side the slider is, more reasonable the ratio of pricing is and faster the turnover time is.


5.What is purchase?

Users can post purchase directed to their actual requirements.


6.How to upgrade the account?

Signing in, buying or selling and other actions will increase your EXP and when EXP is enough, the account can upgrade. Higher the level becomes, more privileges you can have.


7.What are uses of currency C on C5GAME? How to get?

(1)Currency C is a kind of virtual prop.

(2)It can be used to exchange items.

(3)It can be used to exchange coupons.


8.What to do with no return of items to C5 inventory when the quotation are not processed successfully?

Because network condition of Steam is sometimes not good, users may fail to deposit or retrieve items, or users refuse the deal or they don’t show at once. Under these conditions, you should wait 5-10 minutes. If you find no return for a long time, please attach the corresponding screenshot of robots’ offers to your feedback and send it to us, in order to get processed in time.


9.Why the value of items in C5 inventory changes?

The value of every items is decided by valuation system of C5GAME which is based on market value in Steam market, and it is updated by system with the change of market value in Steam. So rise or fall of items’ value is normal.


10.What to do when items cannot be retrieved?

There can be four possible situations:

(1)     Robots are online but they send offers overtime, which is cause by your wrong trade URL.

(2)     When you retrieve items, it prompt, “You have offers to be processed and cannot start several offers repeatedly”. It’s because you are in the waiting line as robots are trading, and they will invite you to trade later. If this condition lasts for a long time, please contact online service or submit feedback in time.

(3)     Robots prompt, “Items were retrieved before, please check history”. It’s because you have retrieved items, but Steam delayed to feed back and inventory on C5GAMe is not updated.

(4)     Robots prompt, “There is no item with same price, you cannot replace it”. It can be caused by wrong item numbers, delay of robots inventory synchronization or such problems. Please contact online service or submit your feedback.


11. Why robots send me offers of only 1 item as I select 4 items when I retrieve?

Because in the inventory of robots retrieved, only exists 1 of items selected to be retrieved, robots only send offers including items which exist in the inventory. There are 2 reasons why item retrieves are inefficient:

(1)     The items selected to be retrieved are dispersed over different robots’ inventory.

(2)     Names of these items may be changed.


12.What to do with other problems?

User feedback is on the right side of website, if you have other problems except all the above, just submit your questions and they will be answered or processed in 24 hours during weekdays. If necessary, we may contact you on QQ or send emails to your mailbox.