About Us

C5GAME, under Hangzhou Xingchao Network Technology Co., Ltd, is the top trade platform of in-game items in China, its main business at present is items of Dota2 and CS:GO. The site uses API provided by Steam to build an advanced trade system with robots, which is a convenient method for users to trade items, deposit and retrieve. It also works on providing users with good trade experience and perfecting their requirements continually, to ensure safety of trading items and pursue smarter and more humanized at the same time. Meanwhile, by taking users' advices, C5 develops intelligent search system independently. Gamers can use abbreviations of items to search accurately, which make users can find target items quickly in huge amounts of C5 inventory, improve their efficiency and make C5 more localized.

After our site started, it developed rapidly that reached billions sales in two months. Trading on C5GAME is safe and free, so it gains good public praise among gamers. At present, C5GAME is working on overseas business, foreign users have a rapid growth. C5 works on building a global trade platform of Steam items, to break the barrier of global item commerce and achieve zero-threshold for users to trade items.

邮箱: feedback@c5game.com