C5GAME Locked Items Compensation

Dear C5 Users:

A week ago, we got banned by Valve. We don’t involve any lottery and we, both you and C5GAME are innocent. At the same time, we saw your comments under Weibo, or support from every channel, which encourage us to carry on. Actually, not only we make no money but also bear the compensation of locked items last time, which costs a huge amount of money. As a company founded about 1 year, tens of millions as compensation is really a difficult task with big pressure. So please give us some time, we will solve the present problem as soon as possible.


We will evaluate all locked items, according to the average transaction price that day when items got locked, then open the access for you to complain if you are unsatisfied with the evaluation in a certain period. In late March, all locked items will exchange into a kind of currency. Then from March 20th, we will open the market, every day there will be some items for you to exchange using the currency. But this function needs time to develop, and soon we will have Spring Festival in China, the work of evaluation and dealing with complains also contains a great workload, please give us enough time to manage this issue.
As for users who don’t get all compensation the previous time, your rest compensation will be given as the plan above -- exchange the money you don’t get in the compensation into equivalent currencies then exchange items in the specific zone.
(Deal quantity>10, a week before locked) Average all the deal prices a week before locked
(Deal quantity<10, a week before locked) Steam price * third-party platform convention coefficient


Close trades of locked items, all items are moved to your locked inventory
We will give out the evaluation, which doesn’t affect the compensation last time
Open complain access, you can complain about your unsatisfied evaluation
Open the function of exchanging your locked items into equivalent currencies, always on
Open the first batch of items for exchanging, worth about 5,000,000, and a batch every day

Subsequent Plan

To ensure your property security, we will develop a new trading mode, which can decrease the possibility of being banned by Valve. We hope you can have a positive attitude on Steam in China, like the ancients said, “Great works are performed not only by superior talents, but also by fortitudinous wills.” We will keep going and hope you can continue to love the games you like.
Thank you for your support, which is our motivation